4 Commercial Lighting Options for Your Warehouse

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A warehouse is a large, open space that has a lot of activity going on, and the right lighting can help make this type of building more efficient. Learn the types of commercial lighting that you need in your warehouse to make it safer and brighter, while using less energy at the same time.

Motion lighting

Motion lighting installed on the exterior of your warehouse building helps in many ways. It alerts security when someone is passing by the premises at any time of day, and also allows forklifts, trucks, and semis to enter the property with high visibility. Your employees will also feel safer knowing the exterior of your warehouse is well-lit, so night-time freight removal can be done safely with less worry about accidents or theft.

Exit/Enter signs

Commercial lighting should always include proper signage for the entry and exits of your warehouse. This way, trucks and other machinery can always enter and leave your property through the proper doors. The lights should be well-lit, especially at night, and should be in bright colors, such as green or red, for easy visibility anywhere in the warehouse. Many companies choose to install a flashing energy-efficient light next to their entry signs to draw attention as people enter and leave the premises.

Industrial strip lights

Industrial strip lights should be placed every few feet in the ceiling of your warehouse to give ample, clear light to your employees at all times of the day or night. Energy-efficient bulbs allow you to use less energy when running these lights that are constantly on. it's also a good idea to add industrial fans with low-wattage lights in them to add both additional lighting and ventilation throughout your warehouse.

Flood lights

Flood lights can be installed all over your property and along your parking area to provide safe lighting for employees and freight trucks, semis, and forklifts. Flood lights should also be energy-efficient in use so they cost a minimal amount to operate at all hours of the day. You can have them installed so they are timed to come on at a certain time of night, or have them be turned on manually as soon as it gets dusk.

A warehouse should always be well-lit. The right lighting both inside and outside your property can help create a safer environment for your employees as they move and relocate freight, and using energy-efficient bulbs can help keep your energy costs down at the same time. Consider more tips by consulting resources like Buy The Right Light Co.