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Horse of a Different Color - herbal products

Horse of a Different Color, Robin Baire, CH, Clinical Herbalist,: a source for a wide range of herbal products both for people and for animals, plus herbal health consultations. Robin also conducts classes and workshops providing an introduction to herbs; how to recognize them, how to use them, as well as how to grow a herb garden.

Our herbal products are carefully made of the best herbs obtainable; many were harvested from the eastern slope of the Cascade Mountains in Washington State where extremes of weather result in hardy herbal plants.

A broad range of herbal products are produced, all in small batches to assure quality and purity of ingredients. Products range from an Herbal Liniment, Comfrey Salve, Herbal Cough Syrup, to tinctures and tonics of various formulations. The newest products are aphrodisiac formulas specially formulated to be pleasant feeling and pleasant tasting.

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